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March 19th and 20th, 2016
Saturday from 11.00 am to 9.00 pm — Sunday from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm

Palais Saint-Vincent
Via Martiri della Libertà, Saint-Vincent (AO) Italy

The festival of the Easter dessert in Saint-Vincent

The dove and the chocolate eggs are the sovereigns during the Italian Easter. All around them, however, a huge amount of other extraordinary sweets characterize each region and each district. Gather as many desserts as never before, get to know them, taste and eventually buy them is the main purpose of “The spring is sweet”, which gives the right emphasis to doves and chocolate eggs as well.

For bringing in Saint-Vincent, in the heart of the Alps, the less and the most known sweets, more than twenty excellent pastry chefs from all over Italy have been called. The strict regulation of the event just allows natural ingredients, because the true artisan pastry-making must aim at the freshness without any preservatives, emulsifiers or semi finished products which destroy the excellence and the originality.

Besides the market exhibition, “The spring is sweet” presents: a competition for choosing the Dove Queen; the Workshop Gazebo for curious and creative children (entry ticket € 5.00); a series of events with experts on Easter topics; a nice moment of pleasure and game provided by the Casinò of Saint-Vincent, free and reserved for adults.

The spring is sweet was conceived by Stanislao Porzio, the inventor of Re Panettone®.


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Re Panettone Comune di Saint-Vincent In Saint-Vincent Terme di Saint-Vincent Consorzio Turismo Saint-Vincent Amphibia
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Casinò Saint-Vincent Mulino Dallagiovanna Giuso Top Italia Radio X-Novo Design Gedi Online Lurisia Bogana Group

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